Get Your Colorado Home Ready For The Cold

Winter roofing services are a must if you live in the cold winter climates of northern Colorado. Martinez Roofing in Greeley can help you prepare your home for winter weather so that it's ready to go when the snow starts falling and the first flakes start to fly. Here are just four simple ways we can help winterize your roof in Greeley, Longmont, Loveland, Windsor, and Timnath!

Clear Debris From the Roof

The roof is often littered with dead leaves and twigs from fall, which can become a weight on your roof when wintertime rolls around. Martinez Roofing has crews that are fully equipped to clear all of this debris off so they won't be an issue during heavy snowfalls or high winds in the winter months ahead.

Check Pipe Boots and Flashing

The roof's most vulnerable spots include the areas where shingles meet pipes, chimneys, or other objects on the roof. Pipe boots and flashing protect these regions. Check to see whether any of these locations have been damaged or missing — if moisture leaks into the attic due to faulty flashing, it can rapidly cause structural damage. Pipe boots and flashing are often targeted for roof leaks.

Clean Gutters

If your gutters are clogged with debris, much as your roof, it might cause problems in the long run. Overflowing gutters aren't only a pain, but they're also a hazard! The moisture flowing down the gutters might easily get trapped under shingles, causing mold and decay on your roof. In the winter, when the water is most likely to freeze, this can be particularly damaging. Ice dams are especially perilous since they can damage roofing materials and gutters, necessitating costly repairs and replacements.

Get Expert Roofing Help

If you live in the cold winter months of northern Colorado and aren't sure how roofing contractors can help, contact Martinez Roofing, as we specialize in roof set-ups for snowy climates. We know exactly what to do to keep your home safe from snow damage on the roof and other elements throughout winter weather here in northern Colorado.

Martinez Roofing in northern Colorado can help you winterize your roof and home for the cold months ahead. We’ll clear debris, check pipe boots and flashing, clean gutters, and provide expert roofing assistance, and much more! Contact us today to ensure your roof is winter-ready and get your free quote!