How To Know When It's Time To Replace Your Roof

Unfortunately, every roof will eventually need to be replaced. Roofs generally last around 20 years. If you detect any damage or it's been longer than 20 years since your present roof was installed, contact Martinez Roofing in Greeley right away. We'll examine your roof and work with you to select the finest option that will keep your home or business safe for many years to come.

Obvious Signs of Roof Damage

When you see water leaking inside your building, or observe water spots and stains forming on your ceiling, walls, or in your attic, it's time to call a roofer. These leaks indicate that your roof has holes as a result of damage, and that you should have the roof inspected as soon as possible. Leaks that go unchecked can lead to severe damage to the structure or your possessions, as well as the formation of mold and other problems. A small leak may just need a patch or two of new shingles — however, in most situations, a leak in only one area indicates that the entire roof is on its way out. If you discover any leaks, please contact our staff right away!

Subtle Signs of Roof Damage

Depending on how your home was constructed, you may not be able to readily see every aspect of your roof. This might be an issue if you don't make a point of regularly inspecting your roof for shingles that may be:

  • Missing

  • Cracked

  • Warped

  • Worn out

If you detect any of these problems, please contact our staff right away so that we may conduct a comprehensive inspection of your roof. In most cases, we do not recommend other people to get onto the roof and inspect for damages because doing so may cause more damage and be dangerous, especially if there are faults. If you can't conduct a regular or consistent visual check on your roof, it's always a good idea to get an inspection once a year to make sure your roof is working as it should.

The Age of Your Roof

You may not even realize how old your roof is if you moved in after it was built! However, if you're unsure of the age of your roof, it's time to go rummaging through your archives for information on when it was last installed, repaired, or replaced. Roof failures such as missing shingles, damaged tiles, and leaking gutters can all result from not maintaining your roof within the manufacturer's recommended use periods. Roofs in Colorado usually endure for 18-25 years.

Ventilation and Maintenance

Proper ventilation and routine maintenance are two key factors for ensuring that your roof lasts as long as possible. While most roofs in Colorado last 18-25 years, poor ventilation and neglect are largely to blame for their rapid deterioration. When you choose Martinez Roofing to perform your roof repair or replacement, we will always make sure your roof and attic are properly ventilated, and our annual inspections allow you to address any potential concerns before they become severe.

We offer a free estimate and work with you to guarantee that you get a fair price, on-time completion, and the greatest quality materials. We will collaborate with you to ensure that you obtain a reasonable price, on-time completion, and high-quality materials when you contact us now. Get in touch with us right away!